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Cabins, apartments and rooms

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  1. Add DNT Øitangen Holiday House to your Itinerary

    DNT Øitangen Holiday House


    Welcome to our unique DNT holiday houses. Here you can spend the night in lovely surroundings at the island Jomfruland all year round!
    DNT Øitangen is run by DNT Telemark.


  2. Add Jomfruland Camping to your Itinerary

    Jomfruland Camping


    Jomfruland camping is a campsite in the archipelago outside Kragerø.

  3. Add Jomfruland Hovedgård to your Itinerary

    Jomfruland Hovedgård


    Want to stay at the old Manor on Jomfruland? The main house is a charming house from 1907, with a large garden and lovely sea views. The farm is on the very idyllic northern part of Jomfruland. (Suitable for 12-18 people/2-4 families)

  4. Add Jomfruland Kystledhytta (Cabins for rent) to your Itinerary

    Jomfruland Kystledhytta (Cabins for rent)


    Experience your dream holiday on idyllic Jomfruland. Kystledhytta (cabin) is available in summertime to all of you, just in autum, winter and spring the cabin is reserved for the members of the coastal preservation union in Kragerø.

  5. Add Kragerø Sportell and Appartements to your Itinerary

    Kragerø Sportell and Appartements


    Kragerø Sportell & Appartements – an affordable and maritime place to stay! We are located in Kalstadkilen, approx. 2km. from the city centre of Kragerø with easy access to one of Norway’s most beautiful archipelago.

  6. Add Lovisenberg Family Camping to your Itinerary

    Lovisenberg Family Camping


    This campsite is located by the Hellefjord, about 6 km from the centre of Kragerø, and is surrounded by wonderful nature with superb hiking paths. The area is rich in sunlight so you can enjoy a long warm afternoon sun.

  7. Add Micro Cabins to your Itinerary

    Micro Cabins


    Treat yourself with an unique cabin experience. In the nature. Choose between the award-winning microcabin The Crown or the luxurious Steampunk-inspired cabin Dristig. No matter which of the cabins you choose, you will have a great time in beautiful...

  8. Add Miljøgården DA to your Itinerary

    Miljøgården DA


    Miljørgården is situated in idyllic surroundings with rural climate and a short distance to Kragerø. The farmbuilding has been restored to a restaurant. Event-/ Ceremonyfacilities, course activities, catering and accommodation. We offer hairstyling,...

  9. Add Øytunet to your Itinerary



    Øytunet - lies in the heart of the Kragerø archipel, at Kragerø largest island Skåtøy. Great resort on the way to Krikken which is a great lookout point over the outer archipelago.

  10. Add Portør Hytteutleie to your Itinerary

    Portør Hytteutleie


    Portør Hytteutleie is located at the old pilot harbor Portør Harbor. It is a nice road all the way to the cabin area and it is very family friendly. Here is a good starting point for recreation and activity. A haven for fishing and adventures!

  11. Add Portør Pensjonat to your Itinerary

    Portør Pensjonat


    You have to experience Portør! Here you can stay at the Portør Pensjonat with idyllic surroundings right beside the open sea. Enjoy delicious food and drink, pleasant summer evenings and concerts with great artists in our lovely garden.

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