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The archipelago has great significance for Kragerø and is an experience in itself, with 495 islands and reefs that are ready to be explored. Each island has its own special character. Here you will find a fantastic animal and bird life, great sand and pebble beaches, the "Coastal Cathedral" on the island Skåtøy which is one of the largest wooden churches, a fortress from the 2nd World War, traces of the ancient mining, bike and hiking trails, sheltered coves, smooth skerries and much more! Ferries and taxi boats provide excellent opportunities for island hopping, also for people without their own boat.
Skåtøy is the largest island in the archipelago, followed by Langøy, Gumøy, Bærøy, Jomfruland and Tåtøy

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  1. Add Arøy to your Itinerary



    Arøy is a well kept secret in the Kragerø archipelago. The island is approximately 850 acres. At "Brønnane" lies 36 large and small potholes, which originates from the last ice age, side by side.

  2. Add Bærøy to your Itinerary



    Bærøy is the fourth largest island in the Kragerø municipality and offers great scenery as well as mountain tops with stunning views and many beautiful beach- and recreation spots. On the island there are 5-6km of roads and trails and ample...

  3. Add Gumøy Culture Trail to your Itinerary

    Gumøy Culture Trail


    ia a heritage trail at Gumøy, is 2 miles long and starts at "Kvernmyra". The Kulturstien follows around the golf course, here you will find old ice dams, dolomite mines, garden soil, pasture landscape, ancient thoroughfares...

  4. Add Jomfruland National Park to your Itinerary

    Jomfruland National Park


    Jomfruland National Park was established on 16 December 2016 and covers an area of 117 km2(45 sq mi), including the islands of Jomfruland and Stråholmen. About 98% in the park area is sea.

  5. Add Korset - Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    Korset - Skåtøy


    Korset, located at the end of Skåtøy has a picturesque setting with old pilot-houses on the seashore and the mighty ocean right out behind the islets that surrounds the place. A hike or a bike ride to Korset is a nice experience!

  6. Add Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap IKS to your Itinerary

    Kragerø Fjordbåtselskap IKS


    Kragerø Fjorbåtselskap IKS is carrying passengers, vehicles and goods in the Kragerø archipelago by ferry and express boat!

  7. Add Krikken Coastal Fort - Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    Krikken Coastal Fort - Skåtøy


    Krikken Coastal Fort, a German construction from World War 2 is well worth visiting. The fort is located at Skåtøy island outside of Kragerø, and is an excellent hiking area wth beautiful surroundings and a very intersting history.

  8. Add Langøy to your Itinerary



    Langøy is Kragerøs second largest island. Mining characterized Langøy hundreds of years, and even though there is an end to the extraction of iron ore, you´ll find many traces of old industry. Here lies 29 named mines & about 150 holes.

  9. Add Levangsheia to your Itinerary



    Levangsheia is a natural paradise for all ages. Here you will find lush forests with calm ponds and freshwater, historic and cultural buildings and areas, as well as some of the perhaps finest archipelago in the entire district.

  10. Add Portør to your Itinerary



    On its own little "peninsula" on Levangshalvøya lies scenic and idyllic Portør. Out here everything is situated for great experiences in a wonderful natural landscape, all year round.

  11. Add Signalen at Gumøy to your Itinerary

    Signalen at Gumøy


    Vestre Gumøyknute/Signalen has the archipelago's second highest viewing point and offers a great hiking trip. “Signalen” towers 113metres over the ocean and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the archipelago.

  12. Add Stabbestad to your Itinerary



    Located only a short drive or ferry trip from Kragerø, Stabbestad offers beautiful nature and bathing possibilities. It`s also a great starting point for trips further into the peninsula with its beautiful scenery. This is for instance a starting...

  13. Add Stangnes to your Itinerary



    Stangnes by Levang is one of Kragerøs`finest recreation areas with smooth polished rocks and bathing sites. During summertime, coffee & Norwegian waffles are served at the old fishermans-home.

  14. Add Stråholmen to your Itinerary



    Stråholmen is in many ways one of Kragerø archipelago's most exotic islands, located farthest to the north and bordering the municipality of Bamble.

  15. Add Tåtøy to your Itinerary



    Tåtøy is an island just south of Kragerø City and lies in the transition between Kragerøfjorden coming in from the southeast, and Kilsfjorden from the west. Tåtøy are a few squarekm. The highest point is Høgda (96meters a.s.l.)

  16. Add Taxi boats in Kragerø to your Itinerary

    Taxi boats in Kragerø


    Go – live – enjoy! Wherever and whenever you want, take a taxi boat!

  17. Add The island Gumøy to your Itinerary

    The island Gumøy


    Gumøy, an exciting and varied hiking area for the whole family! Gumøy is
    the third largest island in the Kragerø archipelago with a richly varied landscape and numerous cultural sites.

  18. Add The island Jomfruland to your Itinerary

    The island Jomfruland


    The island of Jomfruland is located on the outskirts of Kragerø's spectacular archipelago.

  19. Add The island Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    The island Skåtøy


    Skåtøy is the largest of Kragerø’s islands and has a flourishing Cultural life year-round. In addition to beautiful nature and great hiking possibilities for everyone, you’ll find galleries with art exhibitions, concerts, a cafe, a wooden church,...

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