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The atmosphere in Kragerø  is an attraction in itself. You can find a variety of art exhibitions wall to wall with antique outlets and nice specialty shops.
Theodor Kittelsen, the famous cartoonist and painter, grew up in Kragerø. Kittelsenhuset is centrally located in town and every year a new exhibition is arranged to commemorate this artist.
The Artist Quarter nearby the church is also worth a visit. Here you can find ateliers and galleries and  you can watch the artists live at work.
The history of the coastal fort on Gunnarsholmen goes back to the time when enemy warships and pirates threatened the town. The island is now a park with excellent bathing facilities. The fort’s cannons are fired whenever a major event is celebrated, like our National Day on 17 May. Then the three- and four-hundred-year-old cannons mark the occasion with a bang!

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  1. Add Berg -  Kragerø Museum to your Itinerary

    Berg - Kragerø Museum


    At Berg Kragerø Museum can you see how the family Homan survived, and in the showroom you can admire the historical exhibition: "Peoples work/jobs in Kragerø in the past and present".

  2. Add Blooming of the anemones to your Itinerary

    Blooming of the anemones


    Blooming of the anemones are mostly everywhere in Southern Norway at spring time. But on the island Jomfruland outside Kragerø, people go solely to contemplate the long white carpet that covers the 9 km long island in May.

  3. Add Dypedalsgruva - Mining Museum to your Itinerary

    Dypedalsgruva - Mining Museum


    Mining history in the center of Kragerø. There are three apatite mines in Kragerø. Dypedalsgruva is the only one that is made available to the public. Opening hours: May 1st to October 1st. Experience Dypedalsgruva on your own or with a guide!

  4. Add Gea Norvegica Geopark to your Itinerary

    Gea Norvegica Geopark


    Gea Norvegica Geo Park is Scandinavia's first UNESCO certified geopark.
    The geopark is located in Telemark and Vestfold counties, and is including municipalities of Bamble, Kragerø, Lardal, Larvik, Nome, Porsgrunn, Siljan og Skien.

  5. Add Gunnarsholmen Fortress / Bathing spot to your Itinerary

    Gunnarsholmen Fortress / Bathing spot


    Gunnarsholmen is located a just short walk from the town center and was originally an old coastal fort which protected Kragerø in the 18th and 19th century when warships and pirates threatened the city.  Today it is an open area with a nice sand...

  6. Add In the footsteps of Edvard Munch to your Itinerary

    In the footsteps of Edvard Munch


    Did you know that some of E. Munch's most famous works are painted in Kragerø? Take a walk in Munch's footsteps through the streets of Kragerø and visit the places where he found inspiration for his art. You´ll find plates with information and...

  7. Add Jomfruland National Park to your Itinerary

    Jomfruland National Park


    Jomfruland National Park was established on 16 December 2016 and covers an area of 117 km2(45 sq mi), including the islands of Jomfruland and Stråholmen. About 98% in the park area is sea.

  8. Add Kil to your Itinerary



    Kil together with Sannidal, are the oldest urban settlements in Kragerø municipality. A stroll through the narrow streets among the many restored and cozy houses where atmosphere from bygone days are still present is a real must.

  9. Add Korset - Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    Korset - Skåtøy


    Korset, located at the end of Skåtøy has a picturesque setting with old pilot-houses on the seashore and the mighty ocean right out behind the islets that surrounds the place. A hike or a bike ride to Korset is a nice experience!

  10. Add Kragerø kirke to your Itinerary

    Kragerø kirke


    Kragerø church was consecrated in 1870 and is a Gothic Revival church designed by Georg Andreas Bull and built in brick. The church replaced the old Christi church from 1652 which was a cruciform wooden church.

  11. Add Kragerø Koggregatta to your Itinerary

    Kragerø Koggregatta


    An absolut highlight not to miss, is the yearly "Kogg"- regatta in July, when over 100 historical wooden boats compete against each other on the Kragerøfjorden.

  12. Add Kragerø town centre to your Itinerary

    Kragerø town centre


    The Kragerø city centre is an exciting mix of cafes, shops, galleries and restaurants. Here you will find unique shops specializing in everything from shoes and bags to interior design and art.

  13. Add Krikken Coastal Fort - Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    Krikken Coastal Fort - Skåtøy


    Krikken Coastal Fort, a German construction from World War 2 is well worth visiting. The fort is located at Skåtøy island outside of Kragerø, and is an excellent hiking area wth beautiful surroundings and a very intersting history.

  14. Add Lighthouses of Jomfruland to your Itinerary

    Lighthouses of Jomfruland


    The two lighthouses located in the middle of Jomfruland are well-known landmarks. The oldest of them is from 1839. You can get a fantastic panorama view over the other islands and the open sea from its top.

  15. Add Open Kragerø Church to your Itinerary

    Open Kragerø Church


    Kragerø Church is open for visitors from 12:00- 15:00 Welcome!

  16. Add Sannidal Bygdetun to your Itinerary

    Sannidal Bygdetun


    is a local historic collection of buildings. Since 1949, eight buildings from 1700 and 1800s have been placed here: Millhouse, granary, storehouse,living room, farmhouse... . Experience this place by a guided tour?

  17. Add Sannidal Church to your Itinerary

    Sannidal Church


    Sannidal Church is a cruciform church built in 1711. Sannidal originaly had its own stave church from approx. year 1200. Different items from the stave church can be found at todays church.

  18. Add Schweigaardspark to your Itinerary



    In memory of Anton Martin Schweigaard, a Norwegian jurist and economic reformer who was born in Kragerø in 1808.

  19. Add Signalen at Gumøy to your Itinerary

    Signalen at Gumøy


    Vestre Gumøyknute/Signalen has the archipelago's second highest viewing point and offers a great hiking trip. “Signalen” towers 113metres over the ocean and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the archipelago.

  20. Add Skåtøy Church to your Itinerary

    Skåtøy Church


    Skåtøy Church is located in beautiful surroundings in the middle of the narrowest part of Skåtøy. The Church was concecrated in 1862 and is currently sharing a 6th place among the country's largest wooden churches.

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