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Summer Activities for Kids

Here is a small overview of some summer activities for children in Kragerø!

Verdens minste festival 2017, collageVerdens minste festival  14.-16.juli

11 theater shows and five insect safaris, researchtent and building a biehotell, and much, much more. It's obviously insects and bugs it's about when "The Worlds Smallest Festival" occupies Tårnstranda at Jomfruland 14th-16th. July for the fifth time!

Lovisenberg Familiecamping Collage

Welcome to Lovisenberg Familiecamping

The heart of Lovisenberg Family Camping is a heated saltwater pool - perhaps Norway's largest and finest? There is a main pool and a small children's pool, the water is chlorine-containing seawater heated to 26º degrees. In the pool there is also a water slide and two water polo goals. The campsite also has its own beautiful sandy beach and a nice field of grass! The area is rich in sunlight with long beautiful afternoon sun. As a dayguest you can take advantage of all the activities of the campsite, such as mini golf, rally cars, a large playground and much more. You can enjoy a lovely dinner at Lovisenberg-Stuene and at the kiosk you can buy something refreshing to drink. The speedboat Pearl has three daily departures here! For timetable check out:  www. fjorbå


Experience summer theater with the famous street artist Max Normal and his new friend "Jacky" at the location "Kirkens Bymisjon Kragerø" in July. «Jacky» is one of the summer's cultural highlights that you should definitely not miss.

"Jacky" is a magic musical performance for the whole family with featuring elements from sneezing, clowning and juggling where Max Normal seduces his new friend "Jacky" and the audience into a cute and charming comedy about play and friendship. He creates a warm and humorous meeting between two people, in a landscape of musical finances composed and performed by Turid Jørgensen Honerud, from the popular Norwegian band  Katzenjammer. Turid plays a total of 8 instruments, including bass, accordion, ukulele, chess and drum.

Date:  10., 11., 12., 13., 17., 18., 19., 20., 24., 25., 26., 27. JULY. (Monday - Thursday) 

 Time: 11.30  Duration: 40 min   Tickets 120 NOK

Location: P.A. Heuchs Gate, near Tollboden Restaurant

You can buy tickets at Fagmøbler Solbekk or the entrance. 

(Turid plays the first six performances after that, her role will be taken over by the talented musician Julie Falkevik Tungevåg.)

Puppet theater workshop at the Kittelsenhuset 20 July, 27 July and 3 August

"Does the animals have soul?" Puppet theater workshop for young and old with dollmaker Ilona Buraka in Kittelsenhuset from 12:00 to 15:00. Ticket 50NOK, includes courses and materials. If there are many visitors, the course runs every hour. Arranged in collaboration between Telemark Museum and  Kultur-kameratene.

Ilona's Magic Theater Laboratory

Location: BakkerudsArtBunker in the Artist Quarter - right behind the Kragerø Art Association and next to Helmersen Glass. Here you will get a magical meeting with figurative theater: Exhibition, show, and doll shop. The performance is suitable for children and adults. This is for the whole family! Together, you will experience the magic that occurs when artists "blow lives" in animation figures.

Price: 50, -


  • Sunday 25. June at 17.00  - Wednesday 28. June at 14.00 -  Friday 30. June at 15.00
  • Wednesday 19. July at 14.00 - Friday 21. July at 15.00 - Sunday 23. July at 17.00

Do you want Ilona to teach you how to make your own moving dolls? Then you can sign up for a doll workshop after the show!

 Pirat of Kragerø Resort

17., 24., and 31. July at the beach-club

From 13:00 to 15.:00, disco for kids      

Badeplasser gunnarsholmen sjøbadet, collage haakon

Places for having a bath in the sea

  • Gunnarsholmen: A few minutes walk from the center is Gunnarsholmen with saltwater pool, large field of grass, sandy beach and wheelchair ramp. At Gunnarsholmen there is also a service building with kiosk, shower and toilets.
  • Sjøbadet: When crossing the bridge to "Øya", turn right and then walk through the parking area and continue into a narrow alley until you reach the sandy beach.  Diving board and facilities for easy access for taking a swim.  If you continue by, you will reach even one more beach.

Outside the town centre

  • Nautebakken: 150 meters from the parking area at Tallakshavn you´ll find a nice beach and facilities for easy access for taking a swim. 
  • Nepa: Nepa in Rørvik has nice small beaches and polished rocks. Perfekt place for kids.
  • Berg: Just below the old museum building on Berg you will find a beautiful sandy beach with a large field of gress and polished rocks. 
  • Bergsneset: At Berg Kragerø Museum's area you will find Bergsneset. Take in towards Berg, keep left and pass the museum park. Follow the road until it stops. Beach, polished rocks and wheelchair ramp.
  • Lovisenberg Familiecamping: Big salt water pool and beach.  
  • Slerva: Nice recreation area at the Helle fjord with beach, polished rocks and a large field of gress.
  • Terjesen: Nice small beach at the Helle fjord. 
  • Stabbestranda: Modern bathing area with beach club directly at the Kragerø Resort.  You can take the ferry, your own boat, or car to reach this place. 
  • Stangnes and Portør: A wonderful recreation area with small bays and polished rocks. From the grocery turn left, after a few hundred meters you are there.

At the islands

  • Jomfruland: Many possibilities.  Nice beaches! Try Tårnbrygga or Øytangen. Do you have a own boat Rauane, Stråholmen eller Skratta are wonderful places!


Saturday 16th September, Troll Festival in Kragerø . This year Troll Festival will be visited by Alexander Rybak. Zoe - Loes Barre from Kragerø sings duet together with Alexander. She is known from her participation in The Voice Kids Germany. In the evening there will be a party at Tollboden.

Facebook: Trollfest i Kragerø Sentrum

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