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Live in Kragerø

Kragerø Municipality borders in the southwest to Risør in the west to Gjerstad, in the northwest to Drangedal and in the northeast to Bamble. Kragerø city has per January 1st. 2013 all together 5446 inhabitants, while the municipality has nearly 11,000 and a total land area of 307 km². The settlement is largely concentrated on certain centers in the urban area, Helle area and Sannidal area. Otherwise there are smaller settlements throughout the municipality. Kragerø became township in 1666. The city was in era of sailing ships, one of the largest seafaring towns. In 1960 Kragerø municipality merged with Skåtøy and Sannidal. There are 190 freshwater lakes within the municipal boundaries and in all 495 islands and islets in the archipelago which together cover an area of 36 km². Our archipelago covers appox. 6,500 acres with many recreational areas secured to the public. Here you have many opportunities to enjoy boating in all forms. There are approximately 4,000 holiday homes in the municipality and in the busy summer months the population quadruples because of the tourist influx.

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  1. Add Arøy to your Itinerary



    Arøy is a well kept secret in the Kragerø archipelago. The island is approximately 850 acres. At "Brønnane" lies 36 large and small potholes which originates from the last ice age side by side.

  2. Add Bærøy to your Itinerary



    Bærøy is the fourth largest island in the Kragerø municipality, with an area of 2.6 km². The highest point is Bærøkjerringa with it`s 68 meters above sea level. The island is located 1.5 km east of the center of Kragerø.

  3. Add Helle to your Itinerary



    Helle is situated on the shore of Hellefjorden, approximately 7 km from the city centre and is a lively suburban area with large and small neighbourhoods.

  4. Add Kalstad to your Itinerary



    Kalstad is seen as a supplementary city centre. This area has been greatly developed since the 1960's. Today, there are plentiful houses, some shops, a petrol station, a district school, and sports hall.

  5. Add Kil to your Itinerary



    Kil together with Sannidal, are the oldest urban settlements in Kragerø municipality. A stroll through the narrow streets among the many restored and cozy houses where atmosphere from bygone days are still present is a real must.

  6. Add Kragerø town center to your Itinerary

    Kragerø town center


    The Kragerø town center is an exciting mix of cafes, shops, galleries and restaurants. Here you will find unique shops specializing in everything from shoes and bags to interior design and art.

  7. Add Langøy to your Itinerary



    Langøy is Kragerøs second largest island. Mining characterized Langøy hundreds of years, and even though there is an end to the extraction of iron ore, you´ll find many traces of old industry. Here lies 29 named mines & about 150 holes.

  8. Add Lovisenberg and Valberg to your Itinerary

    Lovisenberg and Valberg


    Lovisenberg & Valberg are located on the peninsula Langtangen. Here you´ll find a large terrain for hiking, amazing views and idyllic places for swimming.

  9. Add Portør and Levang to your Itinerary

    Portør and Levang


    Located outermost on the Levang-peninsula you´ll find Portør which is one of the most popular areas to visit in Kragerø. Here you can enjoy the open sea, Skagerrak with a picnic on the polished rocks. 

  10. Add Sannidal to your Itinerary



    Sannidal together with Kil, has the oldest urban settlement in Kragerø municipality. Here you can also find Kragerøs only Shoppingcenter, Amfi Kragerø. Bygdetunet a historical farmyard is located nearby the wooden church of Sannidal (1771).

  11. Add Stabbestad to your Itinerary



    Stabbestad is a junction on Levangsheia including ferry connection to Kragerø. Here you will find Kragerø Resort located next to Kragerø Golf Club.

  12. Add Stråholmen to your Itinerary



    Stråholmen is in many ways one of Kragerø archipelago's most exotic islands, located farthest to the north and bordering the municipality of Bamble.

  13. Add Tåtøy to your Itinerary



    Tåtøy is an island just south of Kragerø City and lies in the transition between Kragerøfjorden coming in from the southeast, and Kilsfjorden from the west. Tåtøy are a few squarekm. The highest point is Høgda (96meters a.s.l.)

  14. Add The island Gumøy to your Itinerary

    The island Gumøy


    Gumøy, an exciting and varied hiking area for the whole family! Gumøy is
    the third largest island in the Kragerø archipelago with a richly varied landscape and numerous cultural sites.

  15. Add The island Jomfruland to your Itinerary

    The island Jomfruland


    The island of Jomfruland is located on the outskirts of Kragerø's spectacular archipelago.

  16. Add The island Skåtøy to your Itinerary

    The island Skåtøy


    Skåtøy is the largest of Kragerø’s islands with its own school, cafe & gallery, nice walking trails and one of Norway’s largest timbered churches.

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